Do you want to help us help youth in need?
Get involve in your community.

We are looking for youth volunteers like you to get involved and help support the Second Base Youth Shelter. You might have heard of us, as we are the only youth shelter available for Victoria Park to Oshawa East. We cover a lot of territory and we have a lot of need. We have 56 beds and we service anyone who needs our help from ages 16 to 21.

Here's how you can lend a hand: Whether it's a donation of your time or contributing to our fundraising campaign, every little bit helps to keep youth safe and off the street.

Here's how to start:
• Develop a project idea and pick a team or do it alone
• Don't forget to get your plan approved by your teacher or guidance office
• Download and submit this form and get started
• Once we receive confirmation that your project is complete, along with your team members name's and total hours, we will send letters confirming your volunteer efforts to your school
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