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Message from the Executive Director, Alison Coke

The world around us is shaking with the economic downturn.  It is hard not to worry. News of layoffs and business failures brings with it a heightened sense of vulnerability.  The crisis is so big; one is bound to feel a little helpless and fearful.  While giving up is not an option, it is hard to know what to do. 

Ironically, for the youth who find themselves in our shelter, this news of the changing economic fortunes in the world around them seems to have had little impact. Most have far too much experience of uncertainty, loss and exclusion to notice any difference. Vulnerability to hard times, hard people, poverty, hunger and illness are, sadly, part of the life package they have been handed. 

The good news is that at Second Base many of these challenges are eliminated. The basics are covered: a safe place to sleep and live along with all the resources everyone deserves from toothbrushes to shoes and hot nutritious meals. More important than this, the staff at the shelter is waiting to work with them to identify the problems that have rendered them homeless and help each one address and overcome these.  

Just as in the larger context, rather than giving up or into to fear the solution to the current economic crisis will involve great courage, creativity, effort and extreme measures. In a microcosm, the same degree of effort is needed to help our homeless youth.

Thankfully, as a non-profit, we continue to be able to do this work because of the support we receive from the City of Toronto, the United Way and many, many other generous donors and funders.  Their ongoing faith in us, despite the economic situation, is surely a reflection of their faith in the youth and a shared determination not to give up on them but to use every means available to help them succeed.

For your part in this endeavour, we thank you.

Young and homeless find haven; Only youth refuge in Scarborough provides 56 beds Most arrive with just the clothes on their back; [MET Edition]
Leslie Ferenc. Toronto Star. Toronto, Ont.
Oct 19, 2006. pg. R.4 ...Download pdf


It is with regret that the Board of Second Base has accepted the resignation of Alison Coke as Executive Director. While we all know Alison’s passion and devotion for Second Base, family matters require more of her time & attention.
In only three years Alison has made significant improvements and achievements for SBYS. The introduction of our very successful GED and college partnership programs; adoption of case management of youth at the shelter, a substantial increase in outside agency involvement with our clientele and improvement of our reputation in the youth services sector. Alison also put on her hard hat for us and managed the agency through a major facility renovation.

While we will miss Alison’s vision and commitment we are delighted in the gains our clients made with the help of Alison and her work in conjunction with the staff. 

The Board of Directors will conduct a thorough assessment and search for an appropriate Executive Director to lead Second Base. The Board is confident and pleased to appoint Paul Taylor, Director of Education, as acting Interim Executive Director. We ask that you give him all your support as he assumes this interim role effective July 4th.

Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call the President or Vice President of the board, we would be happy to speak with you.

Virginia Gibberd , President                                               
416-474-6502 work                                                             
416-451-6193 cell  

Gord Mack-Scott , Vice President


3rd Annual Blast on the Beach 
Thanks to everyone who came out and supported this great event!

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Toronto, Ont, August 11, 2007
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Recent Events
The First Annual Second Base Beach Volleyball Tournament. On August 11, 2007
A wonderful time was had by all, at the agency’s first annual beach volleyball tournament. Teams from many of our partner agencies and friends came out for a friendly day of competition, great food and fun. We have already set the date for the 2008 Second Annual Event.

Second Base Youth Car Wash and Community Fair. On September 1, 2007
The youth involved in the Drop-In planned and hosted a car wash and community fun event to raise awareness and engagement by the community in the life and work of Second Base.

Second Base Neighbourhood and Community Holiday Event. On December 11, 2007
The agency’s Second Annual Holiday Event was a time of fun and connection with all our partners and neighbours. Youth entertainment was the main attraction!

A screening of Shelter Confidential

Second Base's resident and youth led film about life at Second Base, was met this evening with wide acclaim. Congratulations to all!"
Click Here for MOVIE
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